Ian… again!!!

I had not seen my mate Ian since December, and no idea what he had been up to in the interim. But we ran into each other at a Seattle club last night. 

He is not really my type -too small and nelly- but we’ve always had a ‘sister’ relationship. As usual, Ian smokes and drinks excessively, then becomes a total muttering chatterbox. 
Well he invited me over to his place for some pot -I love a man with pot!- but the same damn thing happened when we walked the two miles to his place. It was a repeat of last December. Ian dumped in his pants en route. He pretended like nothing out of the ordinary happened, and when we got to his place he gave me a beer and went in the bathroom to clean up. I checked his laundry basket when he was showering: all his briefs were badly stained. But he never says anything…  

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  1. Wow you should definitely say something to him next time…did he stop on the way to his house and poop his pants and how did he explain what he was doing? I.E did he suddenly stop and just fill his pants or was he non chalant about it

  2. Et toi, tu as aussi pissé et fait caca dans tes shortys ce soir là ? Vous auriez pu prendre une douche ensemble …

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