Ian again…

Friday night walking back from the clubs Ian stopped to light a cigarette, then took a MASSIVE dump in his pants. I couldn’t believe it. He just muttered ‘oh yeah…’ Then we parted ways and he went home as if nothing unusual had happened. 

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  1. Weird people have cruised me in Volunteer park. (I live about a 20 minute walk from there.) After I turned 21, I was primed up for the clubs. Speaking of which, it is time to shower and get ready to dance!

  2. From previous blogs you have posted I feel it’s safe to say that Ian has some sort of fascination with shit.

    As a joke next time you ought to ask him if he wants to be changed into a diaper lol!

  3. Diapers, not for me to bring up. I’ll go for weeks without any incidents from Ian, then all of a sudden he fills his underwear. There seems to be no pattern , he never talks about it, and he could get angry with me for bringing up the subject. Whatever, I like masculine men, and Ian is under the radar in that aspect.

  4. I’ve walked around volunteer park in seattle a few times with a massive dump in my levis. some guys ( while checking out my butt ) noticed the bulge and said something.

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