I would love to do this

A fantasy

I was just coming home from work as I usually do when i got a bad stomach cramp.
” Damn, i should NOT have ate all of that mexican food”
i could feel the runny mess starting to move through me. there was no toilets any where in sight so i figured i’d have to hold it til’     
i got home. the poop began to press against my butt hole forcibly but i managed to keep the load inside me.
a wet fart made it’s way out, leaving slimy brown residue on the back of my tight, white briefs.
finaly, i got home and opened my car boot to get my briefcase. I slowly walked towards my house when boom. it was all just too much for me and my butt hole opened up. the brown, runny mess started leaving my body and going into my pants. the warm feeling was amazing and poop engulfed my balls and penis.i continued walking to the house when another load escaped into those briefs.
what a wonder full day that would be!

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