i wet myself

I had an unplanned accident a few days ago… I live in Manchester a good 40 minutes walk from the centre of town. Wheneveer i go on a night out, I usually walk home, and its fun to not piss before leaving to see if i can make it home without wetting myself. A few nights ago, I’d had a good 5 pints of lager before setting off. as i left for home I needed to piss quite strongly but not too bad. after 10 minutes of walking in the cold air, my need turned to slight desperation. i had to keep stopping every now and then to clench my crotch and do a little pee dance, and losing any would be fatal as i was wearing tight light grey jeans. i realised i had another 30 minutes before getting home and the road i walked along was busy, plus there were a few pedestrians… so my situation started to become rather serious as i quickly became very desperate. i soon had to stop every minute and bend over to stop myself from wetting. after another 10 minutes i just had to stop and sit on a bench and cross my legs. i had never been quite so desperate before it hurt so much i was moaning gently hoping i wasnt going to lose my fight. After a few minutes, i realised I just had to continue home otherwise I’d have a massive accident so i carried on now fully holding my crotch and doing a full-on pee dance. i was now 10 minutes from home and i could feel the piss coming down my cock, i bent over in a sudden panic, corssing my legs and tried to stop the massive desperate spasm, then i felt a trickle of warm piss exit my cock, i just coudlnt stop it. but it didnt show on my jeans thakfully, so i quickly hurried on. no more than a minute later and i had another spasm and a big squirt of piss escaped, and a wet patch showed up on my jeans. by now i was about 3 mins or so from home. so i started to walk very fast, almost run as i knew my time was runnign out… i turned onto my floodlit street and got my keys out ready to open my door, as i ran down the street i groaned as i felt another bit squirt come out and a little trickle of piss down my left leg. then as i put my key in the lock, it stuck because the door was almost frozen. i panicked. i turned the key as hard as i could, and as i did, took my mind off holding my piss for just a second… but it was too late as i tried to unlock my door in vain, another massive squirt emerged, then another, and as my bladder weakened the squirt became continuous,a nd with a loud groan i couldnt control myself another second, and then i heard a loud gushing sound as i flooded my light grey jeans for nearly 2 minutes solid. a huge puddle of piss emerged under my soaked shoes. five minutes later and i got the door open, and i needed to piss more, so went upstairs, fully clothed, sat on the toilet and let it happen…

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  1. Light grey jeans? oh God.
    Indeed, make a video of it next time!

  2. Good to see another Manchester guy in here!I would have loved to have seen this ‘accident’ happen 😉

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