I was diapered in the hospital. A true story.

Two years ago I had back surgery. Plastic pins were inserted in my lower back to help worn out disks. When I went into the hospital I wore a pull up and took extras with me. I have a weak bowel muscle and must get to a facility quickly or I fill my pants. They only left the catheter in for 24 hours after my surgery. I then had to get up to go the rest room. I wore the pull ups and sometimes would leak in them. Only three days in hospital and they kick you out. I live alone, so doctor arranged for me to go to a rehab assisted living center. Mainly older people, I was 63 and one of the youngest on the floor. The rehab center wanted me to use the bed pan at first, but I told them I could not us it. I said I would use the pull up I had on. They brought a potty chair for next to bed. After 2 days I got a walker and could walk to the bathroom. I got an infection and bad diarrhea. My pull up would get filled on the way to the bathroom. They then had to isolate me in a room without another person. My insurance would only pay semi-private so I was moved to a room with two beds but only person in the room.

The nurses would help change the pull ups. Take the dirty one off and put clean one on. That was then the closest I have come to having my diapers changed by someone else. I could not wipe myself due to the surgery, so the nurses had to wipe me after a bowel movement. I got anti-diarrhea pills and it stopped the diarrhea.

A week later, one older nurse brought in a stack of plastic backed diapers and put one on me. I told her I was not urinary incontinent, only bowel problem. She insisted on the diaper so I let her change me. She said to try these tonight. They had tabs that pulled them tight. About 5 AM I woke up to someone feeling my front area between my legs. The nurse said I was dry, like she was surprised. I told her I only had bowel problem. She said ok and left. The diaper was still on me. At breakfast I had to go both ways and I was sitting on the side of the bed. They would bring in my tray as I had limited walking after the surgery. Since I was in a diaper and it was tight on me, I just went in it. It was wet and messy. I have been taking a fiber powder supplement for 20 years to regulate me so it is always soft. The day nurse came in with meds and asks what happened. I guess she could smell me. I explained about being diapered the last night and just had to go in it. She told me the older nurse always diapered the patients as it was easier to change the diapers that the wet bed. She was used to diapering the people and I was no exception.

The day nurse helped me to the bathroom and we took it off the diaper and she wiped me as usual. I could not reach my back side to wipe and the nurses always had to wipe me after going. We used several baby wipes this time to get clean. I told her I used the pull ups not diapers and she brought me a clean pull up. Looking back, I should have used this time to stay in diapers and have them changed all the time. I had some in my drawer from the night before. But I was afraid in I would be labeled total incontinent that would delay me getting out of there and going home. I wanted out of the rehab living center.

However the next week the older nurse was back and diapered me again. This time I had to go in the diaper and got it very wet. Before midnight she checked my diaper and then changed it. I had to roll to the side so she could put on and take off the diaper. During the night I had to go again and wet the diaper once more. At five am I was awakened by the nurse feeling my crotch and telling me I was wet and need a change. She then changed it again. I liked how I was changed and wanted very much to be in diapers, but was due to go home soon. I wore the pull ups every day and night after that. I took the extra diapers from my drawer at the center home and used them. I would go out shopping and use the diapers. I found that the full fitted brief diapers worked better that the pull ups, so I started wearing the diapers all day. I now wear full diapers when I get up in the mornings. I have to poo in them each morning and then change into a clean diaper. Now, when I go out now, I also have to wear plastic panties over the diapers to keep leaks in. I use my diapers to travel in as well. I have learned to live with a problem and turned it into great experiences.

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  1. I had the the same thing. S botched back surgery that almost killed me. 20% chance if Surviving I Was in ICU in a coma for 2 months. Couldn’t even sit up I lost so much muscle I fall right over.

    My insurance wouldn’t pay fir rehab. I paid $300o0/@ day for 10 days. I was diapered. Then tried getting me to use the bathroom. They would help me get from the bed to the Wheel chair to use the bathroom , also had a roommate. First time they dropped me on the floor and I messed my pants. After that it was diapers. Some got down right mean. , saying we Don’t use diapers here. So felt ashamed every time I wet and messed my diaper. They were pretty messy too. I d roll to one side then the other. They felt my crotch too. Although I think I would be obvious if I wet and messed my pant. I remember one of the first times my parents were in the room. I looked them “erm p, d o yo mind leaving for a minute?” Then it sunk in and they got Up to leave .

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