I used to use my office at work as a toilet.

I used to work at a job where I was an assistant manager in training, which means I got my own little office. At one point, I was taking a medication that increased the frequency of my bowel movements. Whenever I had to go, there was a very large quantity of feces that needed to be expelled and it came urgently. On a good day, I did about 3 poops. This got annoying, because I never knew when the urge was going to come, and i’d need to make a run for the john. I felt it was really cutting into my work productivity. So one day, I was on my lunch break, and needed to use the toilet, but wanted to continue working through lunch. I could feel my tummy rumbling and started cursing my life! But then I spied a blue open mouth bucket, that was once used for office supplies in the corner of the room. A light bulb went off. I though hey. “I can relieve myself in the bucket and then keep working, rather than walking all the way down the hall to the toilet!” I dismissed the idea, and told myself that that was out of the question! But the more I tried to ignore the urge, the stronger it got. My stomach rumbled and I was really clenching my cheeks, and a ton of gas was escaping. So impulsively, I closed the door of my office. Most people knew that I sometimes took naps during my lunch break, so it wasn’t strange to see my door closed, and most people didn’t disturb me.

So I went behind my desk. Crouched down, and had a huge bowel movement into the bucket. i wiped myself with some tissues I had on my desk. Then i found the lid to the bucket and closed it tight, and put it in my office closet till the end of the day when i dumped it in the toilet. I opened all the windows in my office to let the odor dissipate, and sprayed some air freshener. At first I couldn’t believe what I’d done. i was disgusted with myself and swore i’d never do such an awful thing agian. But then, a few days later, I was working again, and had the irrisistable urge to move my bowels. It was coming on really strong! I was farting up a storm and the log was almost touching my briefs.

I tried to resist the urge, but before i knew it, I pulled out the bucket and did several huge “ker-plops” right in it! This happened several more times, until I finally got used to relieving myself in the bucket and it didn’t even phase me anymore. I’d simply close and lock my office door, and do my business. Then i’d air out the stink, and go on working. Sometimes i’d do up to three good poops a day (if i’d had a big lunch), right there behind my desk into the bucket. I would come in during the morning, and just drop my pants and do my nice, relaxing morning poop, right there in my office, in my suit and tie. What a sight!

Looking back, i’m amazed that I got away with this, without anyone noticing. No one ever really noticed a smell, or heard the farting, straining, or ker-plops i did, when relieving myself on lunch break. My poops can be pretty stinky, so clearing out the smell with fresh air and sprays was a must! The only close calls I had, were a time when i’d just done a really really stinky poop in the bucket, like it was so bad that even I almost couldn’t take it. phew! Well I tried to air out the place, but there was still some lingering smell and a co-worker asked me if I was having gas problems. I said “yeah that’s it. Gas! LOL Another time, I was doing my morning poop in the bucket, and I laid a fart that was so loud, that I thought people must have heard it. But no one did.Than another time, I left my office, and forgot that there were about two separate poopings i’d done in the bucket, that i’d forgot to lock my closet door. Halfway down the hall, I started freaking out that someone would go in the office and see/smell it. I raced back to my office to find that no one had come in! Phew! But yeah. had to get this off my chest!

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  1. I’m jealous! In a perfect world you’d have been able to have a wank too

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