I used to think my friend peed himself.

One day, when I still was at high school, I was with my friends group in a park and we were playing together for hours when I note that the ass of my friend benoit was wet, I mean it was absolutely obvious in his dark training pants in cotton with all the butt largely darker than the rest of it. so later when he stand up for the first time I say to him that his butt was very wet and he answers me it as to be the floor which was wet ( it was synthetic grass ), and he sate down again. After when he stand up again when we were leaving I whisper him that his ass is very wet and every body who see it would mocking him. So this time he seemed to be embarrassed and tried to hide it with his jacket and his bag. In fact we were drinking a lot this afternoon and I’m pretty sure that he just peed himself that day, his closed friends wasn’t surprise so I guess they were accustomed, so I think both he is a little pig and that he piss himself that day. The fact that he was sending me sext made me jerk on him pissing him self for a while 😉

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