I used to do things with another boy

When I was around 12 or 13, I had a friend who lived nearby and we used to play normally. Somehow, one day we went into the dark closet and started playing with each other’s penises. We took turns sucking on each other’s penises and jacking off the other guy’s penis until orgasm. We did this for a while and usually brought a small light.

He was a little younger than me, so his penis was somewhat smaller than mine, which he remarked as “huge”. He also wasn’t quite able to have a full ejaculation quite yet. However, I was. In fact, I had my first real ejaculation in front of him a few weeks later. It was a complete surprise to me and him. We were in a better lit place, the bathroom. I was naked, wanking rapidly as he watched. Then it came. He was so surprised and so was I, and it made him very horny. I pulled down his shorts and briefs quickly and started sucking intensely on his already hard and slimy penis until he came. Not much cum, but some.
We had more of these days until they ended. Now I wait so I can do it with a girl.

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  1. Pas évident que tu es la même excitation devant une fille. Si tu préfères les garçons, n’hésites pas, fonces et ne penses pas ce que pensent les autres personnes. J’ai gaché une vingtaine d’années de ma vie en faisant croire et en pensant que j’étais hétéro alors que je regardais les hommes …
    Si tu fais la même chose, alors fonces vers le mec que tu kiffes sinon essaye avec une fille que tu aimes.

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