I think ill go sick this morning!!

I got up for work about half an hour ago, had my shower, pulled on some boxers and my work trousers, was tying my laces and as i bent over my stomach seriously began hurting. Within seconds i was rushing upstairs for the bathroom, made it there, shut the door but before i managed to pull my trousers down i filled my pants and trousers with the biggest load ive ever seen. This is not good though as today i have a meeting, i have no other trousers as they are in the wash, just had to ring my boss and made up something about food poisoning. Ithe curry last night. I am currently still standing in my mess. My fiancee Kirsty said we can have a day in bed together, and she is currently getting all the essentials to clean me up with. Im still in shock by how much poop i have in my boxers/trousers right now, as both front and back is full and the bulge is huge. Kirsty said i will be wearing diapers all day as we dont want more acidents, well i am off as kirsty is calling me. I will let you all know what happens later, bye for now x

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