I was in middle school when it first happened and I was hooked on doing it from that point on. It was always after school and when no one was home. I did some of the biggest loads ever and that also turned me on to continue to shit myself. I would squish it and then masturbate. One day I thought it would be a rush and fun to do it in school. It was seventh grade and there was a few boys in my classes that had in previous years shit themselves in school so I figured maybe they still did it or would not tell on me or may even become friends after they saw what I was going to do. When I finally decided to brave the deed I chose to wear two pairs of underpants so I could shit in one pair while the other was dropped down by my top pants. I planned to do it while on the toilet so if anybody looked at the ground near my stall would not suspect anything because there was top pants and underpants down and visible like I was dropping my shit directly into the toilet. On the contrary because I was in reality shitting my pants. I had crushes on several of my girl teachers. I would say because their hands were soft and they had hot faces that they could change me after I shit myself. I planned to ask to be excused while in their class so after I returned with shit in my pants I wanted to get their reaction to what I had done. I was just hoping and praying I would get my pants changed. I couldn’t get changed at home but why not by a perfect stranger like my teacher who probably had those kind of duties in her own home. All this weird stuff rambling through my sick mind. My favorite bathroom to do this in was the third floor boy’s room by the science labs because it was hardly used and was quiet to concentrate a grunt and load and feel it without hearing someone else poop in the toilet. After the first attempt to load my pants there I did make a few friends and we would go at school and at home in our pants. Turned out one guy lived in the same housing tract we lived in. There were bullies in that school that teased me but I didn’t care because that was all part of the rush. I made sure the teacher I had a crush on saw what I had done and the size of that load and I made her smell it too. If she wasn’t going to change me then she was going to send me away to the nurse and rush me off to clear her classroom of the stinky boy. I had told some of my classmates my plans to shit myself and when it happened and I was the center of attention they were grinning and laughing and talking among themselves. I could tell they knew what I did just by the looks on their faces. That turned me on and I wanted to masturbate right in class. I didn’t want to change my pants at that point either.Like maybe even do it again right in class. But that didn’t happen. I did get sent away that day to be sent home. It was the start of many incidents.

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