In my younger days everything related to sex started with shit and boys, cute hot boys. I always seek out a cute boy to stare at and then mess my pants right in front of him so I would masturbate exceptionally good. Like in other stories it was because I wanted him to change me and it would be he would be touching me in a changing. After a while I started to like girls enough to want the same things. The thought of getting changed by a pretty girl who probably has babies at home and has experience in changing diapers makes me hard and want to begin the foreplay. I walked a discount dept. store recently and noticed many girl employees that were (mommy girls). Their hands were soft and had cute faces. Perfect to be a mommy changing dirty diapers. The only guys anymore that are hot are skater boys. So I walked a more upscale dept. store and found again many girl employees that I classify as (mommy girls) or diarrhea load changers. So a day or two went by and I felt like i might have to do a big one. A perfect size for in front of pretty girls. I drove to the discount store first and saw one cute girl. I started to grunt and push out my shit. I pinched it so to leave more to do later. There was enough in my pants for a noticeable smell and slight bulge against my jeans. RIGHT IN FRONT OF A GIRL I DID IT IN MY PANTS! Got in the car sat down on the turd mashing it and drove around to the upscale store in the mall and walked to the place I saw her. I stood right in front of her and grunted hard pushing all of it out this time. What a great plop as it entered my pants. Yay!!, I pulled it off and did it like I did when I was little. The coolest part was she saw me do it and remarked to her friend that I was shitting my pants. She said “I think that guy is shitting in his pants” She was right I WAS SHITTING MY PANTS AND IT WAS A LOAD.

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  1. Nice little story, very good and quite arousing although it would have been better if it were possible that you shit your pants in front of a boy instead! From past experience I’ve found that it can be a very surprising pleasant experience for the other boy and it’s awesome to see them go red with embarrassment because they are clearly turned on by it and it is even better when they have to hide the growing bulge in the front of their pants ? petty that most people feel to ashamed of what others might think to be honest enough to just say”hey that is so hot and I know it!!!” “who cares what people say I’m getting amongst that action”” mmm mmm now how’s you doing you smelly little sex beast that you are?””would you mind if I wore those beautifully shitted underpants of yours for you?””only after I’ve wiped your arse clean and sucked your cock of course!!” Now that is a great story! A work of truth 100% genuine, what a day that was?

  2. changing my pants is why I do it to begin with. Either a boy or a girl with soft hands wiping me makes me hard. Thanks for the interest and comment.

  3. As for me, I took a nice hot twink for a hike in the woods one time knowing that I was going to have to take a shit along the way. We got to a spot, I told him he was going to have to help me as I had to take a shit & he was going to have to keep a watch out. His eyes got filled with intrigue. He held my shirt, underwear & pants for me while I squatted down in front of a tree off the beaten path where I knew no one would come in the area. I started grunting & I heard him kind of “wince” in pleasure. I asked him if he saw anyone coming around, he said no, & all of a sudden he moved to be right behind me for enough for him to watch my very hard, firm, knobby long turd being heartily, soundingly, gruntingly being pushed out of my asshole. He made the comment, WOW, that’s a big one, I asked him if he was still watching out, funny, he said “oh yeah”! I knew what that meant, he was watching my nice long,firm,hard turd being grunted out. All of sudden before it got to the point of finally easing out of my grunting asshole, I heard him drop my clothes on the ground & started moaning in pleasure, I could not see him but I knew he was somehow jacking off. Finally my turd slid out, he moaned in ecstasy & moaned sounding pleasure. He then surprised me & asked if he could take the Kleenex box we packed to wipe me clean. I of course agreed, his sensitive hands across, thru my ass crack & up into my asshole gave me pleasure galore. He turned to the side of me to see my throbbing cock & took his other hand to jack me off while his other was still wiping my asscrack & hole. I shot my great white cream of cum all over. When all was said & done, while I was getting dressed back up, I looked over to him & saw this huge big wet spot in his jeans in his crotch. I asked him what that was & was he o.k. He said that it certainly wasn’t his pee, & he was very happy with it. How about that? I loved it. We finished our hike to go home & unfortunately I never met up with him again.

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