I shit in the bath :)

I filled up the tub and squatted over the edge, I shat about 4 turds, they floated and were pretty firm, had fun squishing them and turning the water brown, anyone else ever done this?

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  1. Yes..i have done that but i had the tub filled with water and got in and shit in the bath water..and took a bath in the shit. Loved it.

  2. Never done this but I know someone who likes to sit in the tub filled with water wearing his diaper loaded with shit and playing.

  3. Yes miss the bath for that reason use to have a syringe and squirt water into my arse and when I could not hold it any longer let it out into the bath and then do it again and again the water get brown all the time and when it when cool I’d lie there and turn the hot water on with my toes till it was hot enough, I’d come out of the bath wrinkled and looking like a prune but realy en joying it. Then the emptying the bath and pushing the bigger pieces of shit through the plug hole Ashower is not quite the same

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