I remember when Lucas peed is bed.

When I was younger, my best friend Lucas and I were inseparable. He was only one year holder from me but he looked as if he were two and It was just the beginning of my sex ability revelation. More over it was more my man to man relation ship than conventional sex relation ship which was appearing step by step. At that time I was already interested in pee and poop and he was particularly attirant for me ( but not gay at all ). One of the day I came up to him and he was just going out from the bathroom ( it was 9 in the morning ) and I asked my self why because he normally wash himself at night and before I could say I thing he tells me that when he woke up and lying in the bed he just flood him self. His words instantly make me hard and I was smiling to one point that it was obvious that I was happy. So I jerk thing at him pissing his bed for years and I leave me hard for a while.

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