I really do feel like a creep. I wish i didn’t like this type of stuff as its weird

I really have a guilty mind for being into this sort of thing and sometimes it creates a mild social anxiety. Im looking to chat to people as its a dark secret. Feel free to message me.

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  1. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, and there is consent involved, what’s the big deal? It’s just pee and poop. We all do it, and it’s natural. And more people like it, then we know!

  2. I still feel a mild bit of anxiety as I am planning to poop my pants. Fortunately I live alone so no one knows (unless they are psychic). I can pee and poop my pants whenever I like!

    However, I only poop pants in private and don’t smear, so clean up is pretty easy. I don’t like the smell of poop, so I clean up pretty quickly after dumping a load. But it makes me intensely horny.

    If I cum during a session, my libido crashes, and I start to feel guilty/ashamed/wrong. So I will wank, but not cum if I can help it. As long as I am horny, the taboos can’t get to me.

    As for the negative feelings, I often remind myself that these were ideas forced upon me in childhood by people I have nothing to do with anymore. They told so many lies to push their own agenda,why should I give any energy to their negativity about my poop and pee?

    Still, old ideas hang on and on…

    That said, I have this fascination with poop and wet in pants and otherwise. I think it is called “coprophelia” or more commonly “scat”.

    There are many levels to that term. I think I am on the simpler level as I only want to shit in my pants and piss them, then look at and admire the results for a bit, maybe take a picture, and then clean up and move on until the next time. I also like to watch videos of people pooping pants and shitting naked. This site is a treasure of videos!

    Something about excretion is so gutteral. I don’t like the smell or poop and pee, and videos are perfect, since there is no smell to them (unless I fart)!

    As to WHY I am into this?

    I have no idea.

    But it involves only pee and poop, which, as badboysloveshit wrote, is natural and we all do it.

    I sometimes think about all the energy we give to food, dining, preparation, cooking, etc.

    Pooping and peeing is the other side of that. We need to understand our pee and poop so we can monitor our health, just as food manages our nutrition.

    So why not make an occasion out of that and enjoy excretion as much as consumption?

    They both feel wonderful — usually!

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