I really did shit myself

I was heading home this morning having stayed at a mates house last night but half way home I got the urge to poop. I quickened my pace feeling assured I could make it home.

However the urge was getting greater and I could feel it poking out. Normally this wouldn’t bother me but this morning I only had a jockstrap on under my grey trackies so anything I pooped would drop straight down my legs.

It was no good I had to let some out and it did fall inside my trackies down my leg. It was all soft and mushy.

I eventually made it home and decided as I was already messy i should carry on. I stood in the hallway and slowly pushed my shit out. There was loads of it squeezing past my butt cheeks down inside my trackies. I groaned with pleasure as I realised how much of a mess I was in.

I made it upstairs and just sat down in my trackies making more mess squishing it all around. The smell was so awful it turned me on. It was all done my legs it was at this point I flopped my throbbing cock out stroking it with my mushy shit.

I was that turned on I came in seconds shooting hot sticky cum all over my face whilst licking my shit covered fingers.

I hope this happens again maybe I will have boxers on next time ?

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  1. This experience is one that you won’t forget. I love pooping in trackies, which we call sweatpants whether it be with our without underwear.

    Having to poop that urgently, I think is one of the best things as it pushes its self out and fills the void. It doesn’t happen to me very often anymore, but those unexpected ones are the ones that are to die for as they say.

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