I Qualify For Free Premium Membership

If this isn’t still a thing then you need to delete it asap cause its rude as fuck.

“f you have uploaded 10 original videos then you qualify for a free Premium Membership. Send in a help ticket for your free upgrade once your video count hits 10! Remember, your uploads must be videos this site doesn’t already have on it, and not copyrighted material..”

But you can only send in help tickets if you’re ALREADY a Premium member… LOL

I want the 2 years of free membership I qualify for for having over 20 new videos NOT counting my re-uploaded older videos. ):

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  1. As I understand, the Premium Membership system is currently down. In its stead, all members currently have access to all of the functioning site features, including those normally reserved for Premium members. The time remaining until expiry for all Fixed-Term Premium Memberships has been frozen from the date the site went offline last year, and will resume when the system is 100% fixed. Of course, this has no practical impact for Lifetime Premium Members, as their memberships will never expire.

    You should currently have access to all the site features that are currently working. I will message admin regarding your inability to lodge a support ticket.


  2. Really? because i lost my premium video access a couple days ago. i figured it’d just run out since i’d last purchased it shortly before the site went down last time. if the system is broken at the moment and i am unable to purchase it again for the time being, then i’d like to be able to access the premium content in the meantime if everyone else can

  3. Lol premium membership is pointless anyway when I can just go to thisvid and get videos for free, but now that I know I can get a years worth of membership for free you better believe I’m gonna start putting videos up

  4. I understand that you are frustrated but can you please message the site owner directly with your issue and not spam the various site categories with your complaint. She is the only one who can help you with this.

  5. uptdate: i just said fuck it and bought another year. whole thing seems to be working fine for me tbh

  6. You can send in a ticket if you’re not a premium member, but if you’re having issues then just send me a PM 🙂 If you qualify then I’ll make you premium. Being premium gets you access to video chat and the videos on this website. Video access was free briefly while we got the site back and running again, but they are now set for premium access only 🙂

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