I Pooped Myself On The Street

I was very desperate today in bus and I almost did it to pants in full bus. I got off the bus in my bus station and I needed to go on foot 1000 metres to my home. The pressure on my hole was so big that I had to walk quite slowly. I hoped I will come home, but I lost control just in the moment when I was in the half of the distance. The shit jumped out and I felt it is firm and filling my tight briefs. I tried to stop it but it was not possible.  I resignated and let the shit go out in full length. I felt a big hot shitbulge in my jeans.  I wish I had there somebody to tease me and play with my cock becouse I got extremely excited feeling the hot bulge. I don know why…

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  2. welcome to the joy of shitting your pants. I wish I was there to tease you and play with all the bulges in your tight briefs!

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