I pooped myself at the supermarket

I pooped at the supermarket


Well this really happened last week, I think it was Wed 19th Jan 2011.

I am getting over a fairly big operation to remove a cancerous tumour and was recovering at home but my mum had to go out and was running late because she had to take my little sis to the DR’s as she had an ear infection and then she had to get medicine and take her back to her school so I stayed in bed but when mum came home she said she had to go to the supermarket to get a few things and I got dragged along as she couldn’t leave me alone all that time and the neighbours were out or busy.

I am disabled and mum took me on the bus to save fuel as it’s quite a way from here.

I was in my wheel chair and the man on the bus knows us as we us the bus a lot as i have a disabled bus pass and i think mum get’s a concession because she is my carer, any how as we went ot the way I started to poop in my nappy and could feel it all coming out as i did it.

I told mum what i had done and she said she had brought a clean nappy with her and she would take care of it later.

We got off and the man helped mum again with my wheel chair and mum wheeled me into the supermarket, we go here a lot so mum knows where every thing is and it don’t take to long for her to do the shopping.

She took me straight to the babies changing room, I haven’t been in there before, and as we arrived another mother was going in with her son.

Mum said, would she be long as she was tight for time, the other mum said there were 2 changing tables in there so if she wanted to come in she didn’t mind so mum wheeled me in.

She locked the door and yes, there was a big full length wooden table with all the nappies stored in draws underneath it and a smaller plastic baby changing table, the other mum said she would do her son on there and leave the big table for mum as I’m 20.

Her son was about 3 ½, poss 4, he was surprised to see me in there and he was a bit old to be pooping him self so we were both astounded at what we were seeing.

I was soon up on the table and mum was changing me and cleaning me up, the other mum was taking care of her son too and as i lay there I looked over to where he was have attention from his mum.

He had his eyes fixed on me and i could see that he hadn’t got a nappy on but had done a poo in his shorts, the mum was telling him off and he was not too messy as she took of his pants and emptied the contents into the toilet, then she wrapped then up in a plastic bag and cleaned up his little bottom, he laid still and let her do it watching mum do the same to me.

It must have seemed strange to him seeing me or perhaps to him it was just the normal thing for big people to be changed like him.

Mum felt the need to tell the other mum my life story condensed down to 5 minuets as I was 20 and still messing my self.

The other mother said she understood but I was still fascinated with the little boy and he with me.

By now he was all clean and so was I, his mum check his shorts for marks and said they would have to do, I couldn’t see any sigh of him pooping in them but she had to come over to where I was to get a large size nappy out of the draw to fit him then went back and put it on him.

I was getting my nappy fitted too and I still looked at him and he on me.

His shorts were pulled up and he was off the table and ready to go.

She asked mum if she needed any help as mum was still putting my nappy on and she came over with her son walking beside her and helped to pull my clothes up as mum pulled my legs up tp get the nappy under me.

Her boy was not really tall enough to see properly but was standing on tip toes to see me get my nappy fitted and I smiled at him but he was looking at my nappy and not me.

I recon his mum had a lot of questions to answer later as when I was re-nappied and dressed, which she helped mum to do and to get me back into my wheel chair, we both left the room together and i think mum and her have become fiends as they exchange emails as she was a paid carer but lived near by and was willing to baby sit me if it ever occurred again that mum had to suddenly go out.

She was nice to me as we parted and mum did a quick shop and we caught the bus back home.

But what an experience for me, mum and that little boy, I don’t think any of us will forget that day at the supermarket.

I hope I get changed in there again as mum said it was a good place if I needed attention while out shopping.

This was too good to just forget so I have posted it now, hope you have enjoyed it and would you have liked to have exchanged places with me on the day!

Bye, Dean.

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  1. Hello Dean, I love your story .
    I like shitting myself in a supermarket.
    You can read my stories but stories are in French because i’m French. Excuse me for my english …
    A +

  2. Hi Olivier, thanx for the post, pleased you enjoyed my true story.
    Sorry but I’m not very intelegent like you and speak more than one langawish, and i can’t spell very well even my ownlangawish so hope you can read this.
    If you read my life story on here you will understand why.
    pitty there isn’t a translator button so i could read you stories too.
    Have a very good day and hope to speak to you again soon.
    Your english is far better than mine so well done.
    Bye, Dean

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