I pooped myself at the hospital

Hi, this is a true story of me pooping my self at the hospital on the 30th Dec 2010.


Well I had to go to the hospital early on the 30th Dec 2010 and Mum came with me.

We had to go to the Urology place as they had discovered a tumour in my bladder and needed to have a look at it by putting a camera up my willy.

I was not too pleased about it but mum said she would stay with me in the room and it would be OK.

I always wear a nappy and had been poopy over night but as we sat in the reception waiting to go in I could feel I needed to poo and was soon pushing out a soft warm load into my nappy still sitting in my wheel chair with Mum beside me.

I felt it spread all up my front and back as I pushed it all out then a big wee to finish it all off.

I am feed with a liquid feed via a machine so my poo is like a baby and mum said it’s green, so I can poo with out having to take the pressure off my bottom but it dose make a big mess in the nappy and they often leak.

I told mum what I had done and she wasn’t pleased but went to ask the receptionist where she could take me to clean me up but as she was speaking the nurses came to take me in.


Mum was embarrassed but came in with me as the nurses wheeled me into the room in my chair.

They lifted me onto a table ready for the exam and mum told them what I had done and she was going to change me but they came too soon for me.

They told her not to worry but they would see to it and one of the nurses took my trousers off and pulled up my top and told me to keep my hands out of the way.

Mum came over to hold me and they took off my dirty nappy and it took quite a while for the tow of them to wash me all clean.

The specialist had to wait for them to get me ready for him to do his thing.

After a while I was clean and they put a cover with a hole in it over me and I could feel them touching my willy, soon after a local anasetic they pushed a camera up and it did hurt but then came the bad news.

The tumour was cancer and they would have to remove it as soon as possible and the operation date was to be 12th Jan 2011.

I am just out of hospital and very sore and waiting for the results in 3 weeks time to see if they got it all out.

I did enjoy sitting there filling my nappy with the waiting room full of people and wondering what they would have thought if they knew what I was doing in front of them all.

Hope you enjoyed my true story.

Bye, Dean.

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  1. thanx, but I must point out that it is a story but a true one, I was there and was sitting in it so I know, lol.

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