I was dared in 5th grade to go in my pants by three boys. One of those boys had previously shit himself and was in my class. So I took the challenge and my poo was a long snake and it buckled up in my undies . They all laughed at me except the boy that had done his mess in his pants just gave me a smile and a thumbs up. When I got back to class I was allowed to keep my shit in my pants the rest of the day. My teacher was tolerant of boys going number two in their pants I guess because there was no mention of me going to the nurse to get changed. I just sat in it for the rest of the day. It did feel good too. That was the start of my fetish of loving this. Once I got into the 7th grade I began masturbating with shitty pants and the explosion started. The first day of 7th grade I remember my mom telling me not to shit my pants. All summer I had been shitting my pants and she was tired of it. At school that day I saw a couple of cute boys in the hall and it triggered me into loading my pants right in front of them. I was holding back my shit so when I let it go the poop was massive and it felt awesome falling down into my underpants . Eeww yeah, I was shitting in my pants. I hadn’t even been assigned a homeroom and when I did arrive at one I was escorted to the hallway. I did get a look at the classroom and it had cute changer boys in it. Future times to shit in front of a cute boy. The phone call went out to my mom who had me talk to her and she said that I would have to keep it in my pants as she was not coming to get me. I spent most of the day at the office and outside near the parking lot waiting for clean pants that never came. I was marked the boy who likes to shit his pants on purpose for the rest of the school year. That made it easier when I wanted to do a pants poop as it was expected that it would end up in my pants.

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