I Pooped In My Underwear While Reading Wikipedia

This happened this morning. It had been twelve hours since I’d eaten four bowls of chili in the hopes that I would have a bowel movement. I was only wearing a green bra and pink panties under blue toe-length leggings. I was laying on my bed, reading Wikipedia on my smartphone when I suddenly felt pressure on my anus, pressure that I immediately realized was an urge to poop. I put on my heels, got in front of my mirror, put my hands on my thighs, and I relaxed my anus. I began releasing a load of soft, warm, smelly poop into the back of my panties. “Oh, that feels good,” I thought as I pooped in my panties. After five minutes, I stopped pooping. I looked in my mirror and I found a bulge six times the size of a baseball in the back of my panties. I decided to stay in my poop-filled panties.

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  1. My Poopy Accident at Work

    I can relate in your pooping large load.
    Last Tuesday morning I had to rush out of the house to get to work on time so I did not go poopoo before going to work.

    To add to this, I had not pooped since Monday morning. I have been taking medicine for chronic migraines and this medicine causes constipation.

    So Tuesday morning I am going about my outdoor duties at work and I was feeling some pressure in the bowels, but I still had plenty of work to do before completing the task at hand. When I was about finished I was desperate to get to the potty or I was going poopoo in my pants. I tried hurrying to get to big boy’s potty but I ended up pooping a huge soft, stinky and sticky load into my pants. There was no stopping this poop as it erupted like lava into my underpants.

    At this moment I wished I could have had a ‘Mommy’ to clean my bottom as it took much toilet paper to wipe the poopy mess off my behind. Plus there was the poop in my underpants I had to scrape out.
    After cleaning my bottom and my underpants best I could, I made a makeshift liner with toilet paper for whatever poop still on my bottom.

    As soon as I could, I went back to my car to grab a change of clean underpants. I went back to the potty to strip of filthy underpants I had my poopy accident in. I discarded those poopy underpants and cleaned my bottom a little more and put on clean underpants

  2. It feels great to take advantage of any urge to poop and enjoy a nice accident spreading all over your bum and other places.

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