I Pooped In My Swimsuit Bottoms While Sunbathing

This happened Sunday afternoon. I was wearing a blue bikini. It had been twenty hours since I’d eaten four bowls of chili for dinner in hopes of pooping. I was sunbathing in my backyard when I felt pressure on my anus, pressure that I immediately realized was an urge to poop. I went to my bedroom, got in front of my mirror, put my hands on my thighs, and I relaxed my anus. I began farting and as I started releasing a load of soft, warm, smelly poop into the back of my swimsuit bottoms. I kept farting as I continued pooping in my swimsuit bottoms. “Oh, that feels good,” I thought while I was dropping my turds. After five minutes, I stopped farting and pooping. I looked in the mirror and found a bulge six times the size of a baseball in the back of my swimsuit bottoms. I decided to stay in my poop-filled swimsuit bottoms.

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  1. Now that sounds like a perfect, messy load and very hot story! Glad to hear you stayed in those poop filled swimsuit bottoms 🙂

  2. I poop in my swimtrunks almost daily. They are briefs that are made of nylon spandex and I usually fill them up. I keep wearing mine for about an hour or so also and if I’m swimming at a lake , pond, or river, I stay in the water for as long as 8 hours enjoying the feeling. Sometimes I poop 2 or even 3 times on top of the first. It feels sooooo good!
    Glad you liked it and keep doin’ it in your swimsuit. Go to a lake or stream and go into the water and try it. Easy clean-up afterwards.

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