I pissed my pants waiting the bus at high school under the rain in front of my best friend Theo.

It was around 5 in the afternoon, I had be horny all the day long and for much pleasure I haven’t go to the toilet form the all the day long. All that day there were a cloudy weather and by now the sun was falling, and moreover there were also this beautiful light you see when orange rays of sun light hits the clouds ( like the color of selenium effect in photography ). Really that was a beautiful day and it was at the point to be better than a simple day. 10 minutes ago rain had started falling, and now I was waiting for my bus outside on a busy car park. I was wearing a dark training pants, a classic nike, the same I wear in my video, those pants hide a little bit the wetness but not enough to avoid people to see it. It was raining but it was not a cold raining and as it make me bursting for a pee I tell myself that if I want to piss un public ( yea a good fantasm I admit ) it’s right here and right now. So I stood against a tree and I let my pants be flooded, it was so sweet that hot stream under the rain and so releasing and plus there were people all around me and a puddle under, (but the floor was already wet so none can say it was mine). A little bit after I note that my best friend was here on the park so I move to speak to him and I put myself not to close from him to be sure there is a change he view my pants ( but no one tells me a thing about that, so apparently no one see ). As I speak, as I piss again and not a little bit, then is bus arrived and he get away. After mine arrived to and I go home, one the road to my house in my peed wet pants ( and with sweet and hard piss smell ) I tell me that’s a fantastic felling and I be really glade to had the courage to piss my self in a very public place and particularly in front of my best friend ( or we could say lover, it was a special relation ship I admit ) ).

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