I peed my pants nearly public first time this spring

I peed my pants nearly public first time this spring. It happened so that i had to pee at my work practice place and wanted to play with my self because i hadn’t done it at long time. I finnished my day and the first time i wasn’t shy to pee really outside and a full pee in my pants. I have done it in a forest before so no one could see mee, and that time i have not let all my pee out. This time when i leaved work i walked with my full bladder to underpass near because it is just nearly public. Then when i was at the underpass i just let go there. I was lucky when no one saw me, but it was so close. I saw when some teen boys pasted the tunnel and i did know those boys. But they didn’t see me. It was nice feeling, i just peed and peed and the boys didn’t know nothing. Then i finished peeing. My college pants were really soaked and i just walked home. It was just as a child time. My socks and shoes were also wet and i left the puddle in the bypass. I can imagine the smell in there. Before i reached home, i had to pee som more because i had been holding it so long so i pasted some elder female and just a little bit peed more out and again she doesn’t notice me doing it but i saw her all the time. Then i reached home and set my pants and socks to laundry.

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  1. Then i have plans to the next weeks Thursday. I am going to see first time my friend who is a girl this week Wednesday. I stay there the whole week and will come back at Thursday. I come home with another way that what i am going there. I will come home first with bus to the train and then with train and then change to bus. I have planned that i doesn’t go to bathroom before leaving the day i will leave from there. I will go the whole 3 or 4 hours trip without peeing or then when the train stops and i must change to another i will pee my pants at bathroom at the train station or then in the train. I don’t care this time that peoples see me. I just do it. So i will have a desperate travel home.

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