i peed my pants at a bar

I had to go really bad but i was talking to this really cute guy and then it happened i peedmy pants it felt so warm coming out my pussy and down my legs i couldnt help but cream my pants with all that warmth going on it was so humilating

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  1. I did it once in the dark alley while talking to guy. I was so drunk I new I will not make it to the restroom. Nobody even noticed.

  2. I’m a guy & I have pissed my pants at the pub when I’ve been drunk & unable to control myself.

  3. Females have that innocent thing going on where peeing their pants can be cute and even sexy to a guy who's not even into it simply because they are female. Men are suppose to be in control at all times and men are looked at as weak and scorned for doing the same thing. We think it's totally sexy for a guy to piss his pants here-but in the general public I'd like to see a girl think that it's hot when a straight guy who is hitting on her pisses his pants in front of her unannounced. Just an observation from the queer side of the fence.

    I am most of the time looked at as straight at first (who would think but it's true)and then when people know that I'm gay they think I'm a top but when the time comes to tell them I'm a nelly bottom cock sucker they are confused so I see the hypocrisy for exactly what it is in life-straight vs. gay vs. men vs. women and all the gray area in between. I'm Catholic……who called it?? lol

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