I Peed In My Clothes Under A Client's House

Last week I was called out to repair a broken hot water line. I remember feeling the need to pee with a full bladder on the drive to the customer’s house. The broken water line was an emergency, so I did not stop at a gas station to pee. Arriving at the customer’s house I began to think about the urgency of hiding behind some bushes and re-leaving myself. The broken water line had been shooting a steady stream of hot water under the house for three hours. When I got to the house, I turned off the water main. As I walked back to get my tools, I began to look for a bush to pee behind. Following me was the customer. Apparently he wanted to see what I was doing. I figured that I would have to hold my pee back for later. I put coveralls over my street clothes. Walking up to the crawl space opening, I kind of wondered if I would find a place under the house to finally pee.

As I entered the crawl space the broken hot water line had turned the dusty dirt to a mixture of soft warm wet mud. Laying on my stomach, the warm wet stuff started to penetrate my coveralls. To reach the broken pipe, I crawled threw a two inch deep sludge of soft warm wet mud. As the warm mud soaked threw my coveralls and street clothes, I realized just how bad I needed to pee. Locating the leak, I rolled on my back and repaired the copper pipe. Warm wet mud soaked my backside to the skin. It actually felt a little erotic. Laying there in the warm mud, I thought about how great it would be just to flood my underwear with warm wet pee. I thought about being a “Little Bad Boy” and peeing a few spurts into my underwear. Finally there was no holding it back any longer. Just thinking about wetting myself in the warm wet mud made me erect. I thought; “Soaked in mud who could tell?”

So I laid there on my back in two inches of warm wet mud. Slowly I let go a pee re-leaving spurt. As I let go, I felt a steady stream of warm pee began to soak my mud dampened underwear and seep down my crotch. The warm pee felt really good as it began to fill my jeans crotch and puddled at my backside. I stopped when I heard the customer calling for me. I then crawled toward the exit. Burning to finish peeing, I stopped half way to release the balance of my pee. I choose a spot where the warm wet mud was around four inches deep. Laying with most of my torso submerged, I began to let go. I felt warm pee fill what space there was remaining around my torso and thighs. My pee was interrupted again when the customer called for me. He wanted me to speak with his insurance carrier. Frustrated, not being able to finish peeing, I exited the crawl space. 

Standing on the outside, I was still soaked with wet mud and pee from the shoulders down. After turning on the water main, I asked the customer if I could use his restroom. The customer handed me his phone to first talk to his insurance carrier. As I spoke to the insurance company, I let go another very re-leaving pee spurt into my mud soaked clothing. My coveralls hid the fact that warm pee had completely saturated my jeans crotch and was seeping down my thighs. That warm pee felt so good against my cool damp skin. Then the customer asked for his phone back to continue his conversation. I handed the phone back to the customer and walked onto the grass thinking that now was the time to finally flood my underwear with warm pee. Then the owner suggested that I shower off at his outdoor shower. As my “last act of today’s badness” I finally flooded my underwear with warm pee just before stepping into a nice warm shower fully clothed. It was such an erotic “Bad Boy” experience. After washing off the mud and pee, I changed clothes and continued my work day.  

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