I owe my life to a fart

One of my distant 6th great-grandfathers, Makahuri, was under siege by Tamahae, of the neighbouring and senior tribe. Tamahae could not ascend the hilltop village, and being senior, demanded that Makahuri should come down and fight. Makahuri looked back, and without answering, turned around and farted. Incredibly loudly. Then fucked off back to his hut.

Insolent, Tamahae laughed and exclaimed something to the effect of “This is how you answer the great Tamahae? With a resounding fart from your rump?”

Makahuri survived, as did his people. Tamahae continued on his murderous journey and killed other ancestors of mine further down the coast :/

Mum derided Dad, because Dad is from the surviving family. Turns out Dad’s family were adopted… and that in fact, Mum descends from them instead. Dad cracked up laughing and Mum looked stunned in disbelief when I discovered the truth…

Must try it one day. You know, fart in a bank queue or a train 🙂

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