i need your guys opinion

i recently joined this site and so far im liking it.im studying to be a nurse with a back up degree to become a author.i like writing fiction stories and i made some stories.most of them with pissing,shitting,diaper fun,scat,and really weird sex.but i recently had an idea to do like a series sort of set with characters u might like of even find sexualy liking too throught multiple chapters.i will post my real expierences too but i wanted to see what types of story ideas you want to hear.

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  1. You’ve probably already noticed that, even amongst this highly specialised group of people, there is quite a wide range of interests. I’m sure your stories will be greatly appreciated by certain sections of this community, whatever you end up writing.

    I love stories about unintentional male pee desperation and wetting resulting from normal, everyday situations. But that’s just one of many interests.

  2. It might be difficult for you to write but for me I prefer gay male sex in wet diapers, and an added AB slant would be good. No SM, pain, humiliation or forced diaper wearing for preference! Sorry to be picky

  3. i like the first time experiences…both solo and with a friend…being gay i would prefer it be guy on guy

  4. I’d say anything involving deliberate holding, accidental wetting or pooing incidents or even just desperation, near misses etc. Nothing too extreme though and certainly nothing that breaks any laws.

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