I need to do both!

A long walk on holiday in a place we didn’t know well. I was wearing shorts and a top, my wife a skirt s and a blue top. We had set out from one small seaside town to walk to the next one along. It didn’t look far when we started but as we walked the destination still seemed a long way away.

Jane said after a while that she needed to pee. I said I could do with one too. There were lots of people about, but no toilets so we agreed we would press on and try to find a bathroom-or at least a place where we couldn’t be seen. After a while I knew my need was urgent and to make matters worse I needed a dump as well.

A few hundred metres further on I was really feeling the pain and Jane told me she would have to piss very soon. I admitted to her that I needed to poop and didn’t think i could make it to the next toilet-wherever that was.

Jane said that we should walk on the grass rather than the path. I thought this was a good idea because there were less people there, but she had another idea. She said we could stand and look out to sea and that she would just have to wee as discretely as she could. I said what about me!

Jane told me she had seen me pee down the leg of my shorts before and if I did it carefully no one would notice and any splashes would dry quickly in the sun.

I blurted out “but I need to do both!” by this time Jane had almost finished a long gushing leak and I was very close to bursting. Jane said can’t you hold your poo for a bit” I replied that she knew that I found it very hard not to do both at once if I was desperate. She told me that it was no good hoping for a miracle and that I should wee on the grass and if there was no alternative just mess my pants as this would not be visible to passers by anyway. I said I din’t want to dirty mu underwear, but Jane sad “Don’t worry,I had to pee through mine”.

With my hand in my pocket i directed the pee stream down the leg of my blue beach shorts – and although I say so myself made a pretty good job of avoiding visible wetness. As I feared doing “No.1” triggered “No.2.” and at the age of 25 I felt the back of my boxer briefs tent out as my bowel emptied.

I said “now what do we do?” She said “walk on normally as if nothing has happened” I thought “Oh Yeah this is really going to turn out badly – but we did get to the next town and I waited by the toilets while Jane went to a clothing store and got some underwear for us both, I cleaned up in the toilet – best 20p I ever spent! Jane did the same and we got a bus back to where we were staying and had a shower together.

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  1. I would love if my boyfriend would do something like that….I would clean him with lot of pleasure. I’very cleaned him lot of time after toilet but there is no way he is gonna poop in his pants or somewhere else. I understand him because I also don’t do that, probably just with him because of the trust. I’m really confident we will get there and at the end he is gonna like it

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