I need advice

I started watching videos of wetting diapers a couple months ago and i really like it and I really wanna wear diapers myself but I don’t want my parents to find out, I took one of my younger brothers pull ups and I have it on right now it makes me feel safe , I really want to wet it but I’m a big girl and big girls don’t wear diapers 🙁

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  1. breaking the initia stigma of wetting ourselves is ultimately the hardest part, but it does get easier each time…myself i like the naughty feeling that im bad

  2. Like Wyatt said, is gets easier each time. Remember that your bladder is a musscle any you have probably been using it unknowingly most your life and it is un-natrual to use it anywhere but the bathroom. So start in front of a toilet and once you get confortable with that, move on to your room, and so on. As far as keeping it from your parents, ziplock baggies(the one gallon kind) are the best for the smell if you can’t get rid of it quickly and a plastic grocery bag are good ways to transport the used diapers to the trash. You can also dump the gel stuff form inside the diaper in the toiler, but that can get messy. Air vent’s always worked for me in hiding my stash until I came up with bigger places.

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