I made a big poop in my pants at the mall today

It’s been about 4 months since I last pooped my pants in public. All week I had been planning to do it today. I hadn’t pooped for 2 days and knew I had a big one waiting to come out. I went to the mall this morning and stood by the railing overlooking the food court where I filled my panties with a hugh load of poop! It was just what I was expecting and I knew I had a very large noticeable bulge in the seat of my jeans. I didn’t mash it at all before walking through JC Penneys and then back through the entire length of the mall to my car. As I walked I rubbed my hand over it and I know it was obvious that I had a pile of poop in my pants. I’m sure anyone who saw me from behind had to have seen it. It was very firm and even after sitting down and driving home I still had a nice size bulge showing. I hope I gave someone at the mall a good show. I love the thought of being seen with poop in my pants. I’ve posted some pictures in my album. Hope you enjoy them.

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  1. very nice bulge!!! if you love showing bulges, you shall try tight stretch jeans (stretch elasticity allows huge obvious sexy bulges). thx for share!

  2. Belle histoire, j’espère que tu as donné aussi l’envie à quelqu’un d’en faire autant !!!
    J’ai vu tes belles photos sur ton album … belle bosse aux fesses !

  3. been there, done it many many times, love doing it

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