I love the smell of shit

Matt came home from work, in a rush, he had to move his bowels real bad. He could smell himself
already. He had farted and a little shit had fell into his panties. He rushed upstairs towards the bathroom,
but as he got there he stopped short, as another cramp hit him, and a small fart eased out. Tim came out
his room with nothing on but some white full cut panties, and his dick sticking straight out. As he confronted
Matt he smelled the odor of shit. Matt stood still knowing that if he moved he would lose control and
shit himself. Tim reached behind him and grabbed his ass, Matt shouted no I have to go real bad, at which
point Tim said so do I, and softly farted. Matt reached between Tim’s legs and caressed around the base
of his dick and moved a finger towards his asshole, sliding a finger in the shitty hole he could feel the
shit waiting to come out, pulling his finger out he saw it was coated with Tim’s shit, and bringing his finger
to his nose and smelling it almost made him cum.Tim watched this and stuck his hand down the back of
Matt’s panties and gently ran his finger around his asshole, before sliding it in, when he pulled it out
shit was all over it, first he smelled and than to Matts surprise stuck his finger in his mouth while groaning.
Suddenly Matt heard the sound of water hitting the floor and saw the front of Tim’s panties turning yellow
as his piss ran down his legs. This and the smell made Matt lose control and before he knew it his asshole
opened and three days of shit started filling his panties at the same time his pee spurted out and fully
soaked the front of his panties. Tim was so turned on he got closer to Matt caressing his dick and let out
a long fart and suddenly tensed as Matt grabbed his dick. Matt heard a soft crackling sound and realized
that Tim was shitting in his panties, the same as him. He reached behind Tim and felt the warm lump of
shit which made Tim’s panties sag.

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