I love Panties.

My first encounter with panties was school. In high school, in the 1960s girls with miniskirts showed their panties. They tended to be only thigh high and would ride up as they would sit. In chemistry class, I had a very nice view of one such skirt and panties. Also in our History class a cheerleader sat behind me and would always spread her legs as she sat down. I would always turn around and talk to her as she sat, and of course saw her panties. Our school had chair desks and the girls sometimes did not realize that when they had their legs apart, their panties showed in the V area. The boys always looked at that white, blue, or pink strip of panty and wonder about the area behind it. Many times I would fantasize about what it was like to have and hold it. I was almost out of high school and we were 18 and dating. This was the first time that I put my hand up a girls skirt and felt behind her panties. I almost came right then. She was stroking the front of my pants in the car and later I did come in my underwear. Young teenage love petting was so nice.

My first time feeling nylon panties were my cousins. She had little girl nylon panties that fascinated me. They were so soft and nice. I liked to just stroke and rub them. But of course she was not in them when I sneaked a pair to hold. I ask my mother why girls had panties like that and I only had white cotton. I was told little girls like to feel pretty. I first saw rhumba panties on my girl cousins diaper cover. These had ruffles on the butt and were very cute. The ruffles would show and the women in the family would scold me about looking, but the men thought it was funny. Later when I saw these type panties, I just had to have a pair. There are some very sexy ruffle panties both as diaper covers for adults and regular silky nylon panties. I have both as I do need to wear diapers when I go out.

The first pair of panties that I actually owned was when I was 19. I did not have access to any nylon panties and my mother only wore cotton briefs. I was working as a lifeguard at our local pool in the summer, and had some of my own money. I also had access to our old second car to drive to work and around. I went to a local discount store across town from my area, as most of the clerks in local stores knew me and my family. I did not want to get caught buying girls panties. I bought a package of nylon women’s panties which had three pair in them. White, blue and pink were all in the package. I took them home and tried on the blue pair. I was in heaven and got hard. Next thing I know is I am rubbing myself through the front of the panty and of course came in it. What a rush for a 19 year old boy who hardly ever left the house. I used the three pair of panties for masturbation for the next year or so. I really did not wear them but only put them on to get excited. In college and later with my first job, I really did not have much to do with the panties. I found other ways to masturbate and was interested in dating and of course trying to feel up my date’s skirts. Later I got married and had three children. The first time I took my wife-to-be’s panties off, I about lost it.

Years later I developed a weak colon/bowel muscle which would cause me to need the toilet very quickly. I would not make it many times and of course would have a very messy seat. I contacted a doctor, which is how I found out about the mussel. My options were not many. I could a) be near a facility; b) take an anti-diarrhea pill which would bind you up, or c) wear protection. Around my home, I was alright. When I went out I did not want to take a pill all the time so I got protection. The protection then was not what it is today. Basic incontinent pants were designed for women wetting them and had thick cotton crotch/seat area. No adult pull ups were out then. I got nylon incontinent panties with the cotton seat and would put a pad in the rear area to catch the mess. This worked well for small BMs but would leak for bigger ones. I need diapers for the bigger messy times. To get back to the panties, I loved the nylon form of the panties and would wear them to bed. After my divorce, I got my own non incontinent nylon panties. I loved the feel and liked to masturbate in the nylon lacey panties. I really did not wear my wife’s nylon panties but folded them when I did our laundry. I did sometimes handle the dirty panties to wash and sometime smell them.

After being divorced, I started buying my own panties. I would wear them to bed. I am not a bed wetter and do not need diapers at night. I had back surgery and had to go on a diet to lose weight in order to walk without a cane or walker. I lost over 90 pounds and had to buy new clothing. The first thing to go was my male under wear. The standard white briefs were all given away. I did keep the incontinent panties and male white thick cotton training pants for when I go to the doctor. These of course had pooh stains in them. I now only have colored nylon panties. My favorites are Vanity Fair and to my good luck Vanity Fair has an outlet store about 50 miles from my home. I can go there and pick out really nice panties for a very low price. I wear the Lace Nouveau and the Ravissant panties. I do use panties to keep my diapers up some times. The first ones I bought were cotton with spandex and would hold my diaper in place. Later I bought panties that are either nylon or plastic. I have several plastic, vinyl, PVC and rubber panties. They help keep my diapers from leaking when I go a long time without changing or have a big release.

I have ventured out and now have a pair of both Rhumba and French Knickers panties. When at home at night, I wear the nylon panties to bed. I like to get off in the panties at sometime during the night. Lately I have had to put a diaper on the first thing in the morning to protect my panties. I realize that I have both a diaper and panty fetish. The diapers are for medical reasons and another story. See I was diapered in the hospital.

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  1. Hi Warren,
    After loosing my prostate to cancer some ten years ago I was told that I might have trouble controlling my pee. Well, I could indeed control my pee except in one situation. When I saw a nice breast or a panty line I would (almost) uncontrollably squirt a little pee in my shorts. Unfortunately, this gave the wonderful feeling of a little ejaculation (which of course, I could no longer actually do, no cum any more.),

    So it was don’t look at pretty girls or do something to hide my little pee squirts.

    Now I ware two panties every day. First is a tight spandex Jocky panty to hold my member up and allow me to actually wet a pair of ladies panties. On top of that I put on your Ravissant panties. Between them I wear a male pad to catch the majority of my pee squirts.

    I thank you for telling your story. I wish more men would do the same. I feel so sad that you lost you wife. A good lady is very hard to find and one who may be understanding is even harder.

    Thank you again.

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