I Love Having Diarrhea In My Pants

[This is actually a re-post from something I wrote about myself on experienceproject.com.]

I don’t know why I like pooping so much.  I’ve desperately been wanting to find out why.  I don’t know.  It just feels good on so many levels.  On the physical level, it’s a warm, wet, softness right from your or your partner’s anus.  It’s a very private thing to share.  To share how you go poop, what it feels like, the smell, the color — everything — is such a moment of vulnerability, trust and intimacy, sprinkled with a generous dose of wild abandon and kinky craziness.  She’s so vulnerable, she’s never done anything private like this with anyone before.  To hold her in my arms like she’s the most perfect being in the world.  And then to have her shit her underwear AND keep wearing them.  To fondle the mushy #2 she did in her pants — what an insane rush!  Kissing her face the entire time.  Taking care of her.  And her letting you take care of her.  She’s independent, too, but for now, while you’re together, you’re as close to being one single whole as you can.  Wearing a devil’s smile, she’s sharing what was inside of her.  You want to know her insides.  She’s pure-hearted but naughty-minded.  She did something against the rules.  She’s not ashamed.  In fact, she’s secretly rebellious about it.  So she lets you touch her smooth wet stinky sludge.  She gets more and more confident as she sees you’re not running away despite the smell.  She really likes you for that.  She puts her arms around your neck and then begins to move her butt around erotically.  She’s giving in to enjoying the sensation of a man actually touching HER hot feces with his hand.  She’s the person you love most in the entire world at that moment.  She whispers in a tone of relief, “I can’t believe you’re not turned off by this.”  Later, she says half-innocently, “I wanna be a dirty girl with you.  And I want you to be a dirty boy.  I wanna see you embarrass yourself in front of me.  I wanna hold you tenderly and compassionately in my arms while you feel ashamed.  I wanna tell you it’s alright to have an accident in front of me.”

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