I Love Florida

From 2010 to 2011 I ran a men’s performance medical clinic in Fort Myers Florida. Several nights a week I found myself visiting a little indoor/outdoor nightclub around a mile from the beach. At the club, I soon knew all of the regulars (a pretty stuffy bunch to say the least). One warm rainy evening while I was walking to the restroom, I saw a new girl enter the nightclub. Her name was April. She was tall, around 5′-9″, slender build, and beautiful long auburn hair. She said that she was on a layover with the airlines. She was hot, young and full of life. I seemed to be the only male with the balls to ask her to dance. We danced indoors until we were both drenched with sweat. To cool down we both moved to the outside dance floor. It must have been 85 degrees outside in the rain. The cool fat rain drops felt great as it soaked threw our cloths. I commented to April how sexy she looked all wet and shinny. Her black tube dress glistened in the outdoor dance floor spot lights. People inside the club looked on as we both just drank, laughed, and danced in the summer’s rain. Before long we were both soaked from head to toe. Meanwhile, I was starting to become desperate to pee. I had been holding it for the last hour. As the rain subsided to a wet mist, April asked if I would like to walk her to the beach for a midnight swim. I loved the idea because I swam in my jeans every chance I could get.  

As we left the nightclub I really had to pee. I had been drinking watered down alcohol all night. April and I headed toward the beach arm in arm, around each other’s waist. I just needed to hold my pee a little longer. I figured that if I could make it to the beach, I would simply pee in the ocean. Half way to the beach, while walking in a misty rain, I could not hold my pee back any longer. I began to dribble bits of pee into my underwear. Embarrassingly, the warm wetness felt great soaking my cool, rain damp underwear. My dribbles then turned into pee spurts. April was having so much fun talking about her work, I thought she would never notice. I began to feel warm pee seeping down the inside of my crotch. I was convinced that since my jeans were damp anyway, I could continue to release little pee spurts into them and April would not notice. As we neared the ocean, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach reminded me that my stored pee was about to let go (like it or not)! Trying to make fun conversation with April, I released a pressure re-leaving pee stream into my underwear. The sudden gush of warm pee felt great as it soaked through my underwear. It was a real “Bad Boy” turn on.  Briefly, a shinny spot appeared at the front of my jeans, and then spread across my thighs. The giveaway was when my jeans began to flap against my legs with shinny warm pee. There was no hiding it. A little embarrassed, I acted like nothing had happened. Then April started to giggle. “Go ahead and finish” April blurted out. “Don’t be shy, I know how good it feels because I have done it myself” said April. Hearing this and with the balance of my pee burning to be released, I completely let go. My pressure stream instantly flooded through my underwear to the surface of my jeans. Warm pee saturated my crotch and thighs. Walking under a street lamp there was no hiding from April that I was completely erect. The street light reflected off the pee flowing down my jeans. April turned, and pressed her body against my pee soaked jeans, and French kissed me. I continued to pee as I pulled her hips tightly against mine. My warm pee soaked through both our clothes and then dripped to the ground. April looked up at me and smiled. “I do not know about you, but that sure warmed me up” April said smiling. “Now don’t you feel better” April asked. Completely peed out I felt great.

As we neared the shoreline I could see the waves crashing on the beach. I began to notice that April was starting to look as if she was holding her crotch. I asked April if she needed to pee. She looked at me and said; “I have to pee so bad I can taste it!” I then asked April if she was going to pee in her skirt. “It’s your turn” I joked. April’s response was; “Well, maaaybe.” Then she broke out into a run toward the ocean. I could not just let her just jump into the ocean to pee. I tackled her to the damp sand and started tickling her. I told April that I would not stop tickling her until she peed in her clothes. As I tickled her, April rolled over the top of me and sat on my hips. Giggling she leaned forward and started to French kiss me. Suddenly I felt a warm wetness flooding my crotch. April sighed in relief as I listened to a steady stream of pee re-soaking my jeans and saturating my underwear. I could feel the warmth of April’s crotch resting on my fully erect shaft. April looked down at me and said; “I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.” I slowly slipped my hand between April’s legs passed her pee soaked underwear. As I did, April unbuttoned my jeans and rested herself on top of me. It was such an erotic experience. As we kissed she wiggled me into her. Sitting back on my hips I slipped myself as deep as I could into her. It was not long before I deposited a little gift for her to take home. Laughing our heads off, we ran down to the water and dove into the surf fully clothed to wash off. The sun was beginning to rise as I walked April back to her beach hotel. When we got to her hotel, we went for one last dip in the heated pool. We must have looked shocking to the guests passing by with us necking fully clothed in the hotel’s pool. I am sure we made some of them jealous. I napped with April for the next four hours. By midday she was gone. From that point on, and for the four remaining months I worked in Florida, April and I would hook-up every three days while she was in town.


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  1. You should have tried some holding on games rather than letting it out. Would have been extra horny

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