I loaded my pants and took a walk this morning

I loaded my pants and took a walk this morning

Like the title said…I went to work yesterday afternoon with a big shit brewing, I was late for work so that didn’t happen. When I came home last night I thought if I could just wait till morning it’s going to be a huge, desperate situation and I was right. After getting dressed in a baggy pair of FTL’s and a roomy pair of khaki denim work jeans that I picked up at the second hand shop just for this purpose I strolled out of the house while it was still dark and began to walk down the street with the occasional street light. I began to feel my ass wanting to burst and as I walked I just relaxed and felt that familiar feeling of my pants starting to get heavy and tight in the seat, it was done, I shit my pants and with every step I could feel the huge load rolling around in the seat of my pants. I was relieved and kind of proud of myself! As I walked clearly you could see it hanging there as I felt what a massive mess I made with my hand. As I strolled down the side walk in my own neighborhood I quickly heard a front door open and close and a car door open and close on the return trip, then came the head lights right behind me, as I walked though the intersection the car pulled out and stopped at the stop sign and paused, I thought clearly he smelled my stank in the still breeze as I had just walked in front of that house. How could he not, it was ripe! As the guy turned left at the intersection I turned my head as he looked right at me under the street light with his lips tightened, I was sure he knew what was going on, my bulging shit load was on display for him to see right in front of him. If he thought I was a sad fag who just shit his pants I’ll be happy or better yet he might have been amused by the worried look I had on my face that I had just been found out, either one caused me to get hard in my loaded underwear. It was a great morning and I thought I’d share it with anyone who will read this tale of a pants shitting fag! Thanks.

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  1. Yes the clean up was a huge job but that’s part of the fun…reflecting on what you’ve just done can be just as satisfying.

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