I laied beside my brother as he pooped the bed

Hi, this is a memory that I have just been reminded of by another post.
It’s about my brother, he’s 3 years older that me and was very hurtful to me both in words, threats and physical violence up to when I became ill at 12.
If the truth be told, and I always try to tell the truth, I did deserve it as we slept in a double bed together and I used to wet the bed once or twice a week, but I did do it on purpose.
Yes, for some reason I had this uncontrollable desire and I did it very often and loved the feeling of being naughty and laying there wet all night, then that lovely smell of wee in the mornings, that’s when I got hit by my bro as he was wet too, but from my side of the bed.
Mum put a rubber sheet on my side but I weed a lot and it would go onto his side and wet him too, later, for his sake, mum did put me back into a nappy at night at the age of 7 till 9, but I have covered that in another story, so I will move on.
As a response to that story, I had a post asking me if my bro also wet at night, he didn’t, but I had this recall of the only time he did some thing he shouldn’t have in the bed.
He had been dry at night even before I was born, I think, but when he was about 8, I was 5, he and I became quite unwell and he was the first to go down with it and I followed about a day later.
We were very unwell for several days and were off school and mum was taking care of us.
One morning when mum came in to get us up, my bro had done a poo in his PJ’s, so mum had to remove them from him and put a old nappy under his bottom, they were left over from my sis who was now 3/12 but she was still wetting her bed also.
Mum didn’t like to keep us in nappies as she said we would never get dry at night if she did so we would both wet our beds but she did it every night.
After mum took my bros PJ’s off him she went and tipped it in the toilet then came back with a bowl of water and washed him clean so he could get up, I found this very exciting as I looked on, and I had wet that night too.
Mum said, as he cried, it was the illness cause it and not to worry.
Then I was then attended to, as usual all the sheets were taken off and I was wiped down with an old towel, and I think mum had expected me to be poopy as well, but I wasn’t, much to my disappointment.
We both sat in the lounge and after a little while then my bro need to poo again and shouted for mum, she came and got him up stairs to the toilet to relieve him self and then they returned and he was put back in his chair.
We stayed all day in our easy chairs and probably slept most of the day away as we really were quite unwell, towards the end of the day, about 4 pm, well it was late for me at that age, I sat there in the chair watching children’s telly and I needed a poo, by the time I had the feeling I had started to do it in my shorts and chair.
I didn’t really do it on purpose but I didn’t try to stop it and just sat there with my legs crossed in front of me, I quickly clanked over at my bro but he was well into watching the telly so I pushed as hard as I could to get rid of the bad pain in my tummy.
I looked down at myself to see what would happed and by the time I had finished pushing it all out my shorts had leaked bad around my legs and the chair was all dirty as it just ran out of me.
I just sat there and did a wee too, as I never could, and can’t now, do a poo with out weeing as well, I was still looking at my self and could see the wet patch grow quickly as I to pushed it out as quick as I could so I could get back to watching the telly and I was soon soaked and the chair got another good wetting from me.
Mum was in the kitchen all this time getting the meal ready so I just continued to watch the telly mum soon noticed the smell and after checking my brother came over to me and I was on the floor and being washed before I knew what had hit me.
As the chair needed a lot of attention from mum I had to stay on the floor and mum went up stairs and soon returned with the old terry nappies and plastic pants my sis had worn a few months earlier when she wet during the day and I was treated to a nappy being pinned on my and the pants pulled up and my PJ’s put on then as dad was about to come in from work and the chair was out of use I was taken up to bed and tucked in, wearing a nappy and it felt great on me.
I must have fell asleep very quickly, but during the night I did wake and needed a poo again, but I think it had already started doing it like before so I just laid there on my back and opened my legs a bit and filled my nappy, then a big wee, as usual, to finish it all off and went back to sleep.
The next morning my bro was feeling a bit better and got up and I got the same treatment as he had received the day previous, I did enjoy the feeling of being washed and powdered, but I was dressed in my normal clothes and that was the last time I wore a nappy to bed until about 7.
A few days later we were back at school and it was all forgotten about, but as this memory has just popped up again, apparently not by me.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Bye dean.

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