Updated : I just peed my pants on my way home from Paris to Marseille in the train…

I was already wearing my smelly chino from last night piss and poop accident when the needing hit me while I was relaxing form the last days trip. I just release the flow and wet à little on the quite busy wagon, It show just à little bit in the front of my dark blue chino and warm up my butt. Then as I was wet, let it flow again and à Again, I really hope nobody ask me to move or get the seat next to me a the next statio, as I’m writing this on bord. I also have to say that I’m bursting for doing number two since this moaring and don’t know can hold it 3 hours more. Yet the Journey continue…..

Update :So Midnight here in France, Friday February the 24.

As the journey continue, I peed a lot more and then I also shat myself, I was in a puddle and even the top of my chino was wet. When the train pulled down (Line Terminus), I wait for every body to leave first then went up, and liquid goes throw the material down my knee, I carefully get out of the train and when I see that the terminal was full I manage to put my coat beside me to hide, but there were a huge round wet spot to my dick. Needless to say, that I was undercover, and a lot of people saw me and my wet poppy pants. It smelt enough to smelt it as I ran out of the building. After I walk 600meters to go to my care (Peed my pants fully before getting in). And then put à plastic paper on the seat and feel my wet poopy pants in a very exiting way. And continu pee and poop my pants as I was driving. I Should do it again and again ! 😉

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  1. That was a great experience for you.Exciting to do it when there are people near you and get away with it.I hope you masturbated a lot and orgasmed in your wet pants when you were in your car.Nobody can see you in your car so you can masturbate hard and cum all over your pants if you use the soft poop to lubricate your cock.

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