I just couldn’t help myself.

Let me start by saying my girlfriend has no idea I’m into pissing and shitting my pants, or into scat at all.

She happened to pass out on the couch early tonight while I was playing video games. I realized I needed to pee, but just kept playing. It got to the point where I really REALLY had to go. Thing about me is, when I hold it for too long, the sensation really turns me on. When I finally turned off my game and head to the bathroom I couldn’t fight the urge. I took off everything but my underwear crouched down in the tub (I like to feel it pool underneath me), and started wetting myself. I don’t do this often, when I do I fucking love it. It just feels so nice and warm and it turns me on so much. It lasted for nearly a minute, and towards the end… that’s when I felt it… I needed to do more than just pee. I had absolutely no intention of taking this further….


I gave in, I pushed and slowly filled my pants with shit. At this point I am rock hard. How much I love pissing myself, double that for shit. The more the better. The feeling of it slowly getting caught, and the more there is the more it smooshes against my asshole. And of course when I am done, nice and full, I slowly lower my ass onto the floor of the tub. What was only smooshed against my asshole is now covering my ass. I carefully take my underwear off and start stroking my hard cock. I use my off hand to rub the shit to finish completely covering my ass. Of course the remainder was rubbed on my cock. I continued stroking as I rubbed my asshole more. This is when I discovered how great shit is for lube. I stuck two fingers inside my ass and was shocked at how easily they slid in (I’ll have to try this on toys when no one is home)! I continued to finger myself as I masturbate. I finally came with an explosive cum shot reaching the top of my chest.

This was the first time I ever did this with my girlfriend home. The fear of getting caught made things even more intense.

Whelp that’s how tonight went for me. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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  1. When I first started pooping in my underwear it was only places, I was sure no one was going to discover me. After a while the desired to do it in situations I could get caught started to excite me and when I did it was extremely exhilarating. Doing it in situations where there are limited or no escape options in even more exciting, like the time I did it at a friend’s farm.

    His parents had just purchased it and there was no building, toilets or anywhere to wash myself off. Soon after we got there, I got an amazing view of his cousin’s panties while we explored and that quickly triggered the desire to do it in my underwear. It was still early in the day and I knew we were going to a BBQ after. From the moment it was in my underwear to when I got home and showered I was hard the entire time.

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