I have to go

Matt was slowly walking in the door, thinking I have go bad, I don’t think I’m going to make it’
another fart squeeze out as he clinch his legs tightly together, suddenly Tim came out his room
heading for the bathroom, his butt held tight by his white briefs, Matt could see Tim’s ass crack
thru the briefs and his dick started growing as another fart ooze out his ass, Tim wait I have to go
bad, I can’t hold it much longer, another fart slid out and Matt thought a little shit also came out too.
Tim cried that he had to go now as he had held it all day. Suddendly Matt cried I can’t hold it I think
it’s coming out I’m going to shit myself. Tim got nearer to Matt and could smell the aroma of his farts
while reaching for and rubbing his brief covered dick and slowly ran his hand back to Matt’s ass
and started feeling his crack and slid a finger into Matt’s shitty asshole, while there bodies sway close
together. Tim pulled his finger out and brought it to his nose and smelled while his dick got harder he
than put the finger in his mouth and thought he would come from the smell and taste.Matt suddenly
gasped as he started peeing while struggling to hold in the shit. Tim let out a small fart which made
a mixed smell of rich shit. Matt reach for Tim’s body and held him close while smelling the aroma
of his sweat and shit, as he caressed Tim another fart slid out his ass and felt some shit ease into
his briefs. He held it back but the sound and smell caused Tim to start pissing and farting. Finally
Matt couldn’t hold on any longer, he grab Tim close as a big long log ooze out his as and curl into
his briefs the smell filled the room and he decided to taste Tim’s shit. At the same time Tim got
behind Matt and marveled at the lump of shit in his briefs running his hand over the warm shit
as Matt grunted and pushed out even more till his briefs were sagging and brown shit ease out
his leg holes.Tim stuck hands down into the briefs and touch the shit, pulled his hand out covered
with Matt’s shit and put it under Matt’s nose and than licked his fingers clean suddenly he tense
and Matt heard a little fart followed by the crackling sound of Tim’s bowels sliding into his briefs
as he reached for Matt’s dick and slowly jerked it as Matt did the same to his, both men’s briefs
were sagging full of shit as they both came together.

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