I had to poop real bad this morning

I had a real urgent need to poop this morning so I jumped out of bed and headed down to the lake – 15 minutes away. About halfway there I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I let some out in my swim trunks. As I got nearer to the lake, It built up again and I had to let some of it out once again only this time I said “fuck it” and shit all of it out in my trunks with one big pressure push. It oozed out from between my legs and ran down them to the rubber mat on the floor. I made it to the lake and when I got out of the vehicle all the shit shifted down in my trunks and covered my balls and dick as well as all my ass. What a nice feeling to start the day off. I then proceeded out into the lake and enjoyed my pants full of shit as I swam around for an hour or so. It felt sooooo good. I took my right hand and pushed the shit tighter on my ass to enjoy the feeling. I do this to make it feel even more in my pants. Did some back floating and moved my legs back and forth – in and out, to squash and enjoy the load, as I masturbated in my trunks. As I came, with all the shit in my pants, it was a real nice awakeing that early in the morning. The water is warming up very well and in about another month it will be so warm it will be like being boiled! Not really, but a bit on the hot side. I can’t wait for my next big poop attack – looking forward to it!

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  1. An old sailor once told me “The only good thing about being shipwrecked is that you can shit yourself and be washed clean at the same time”

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