I had to pee so bad…..

I was at the lake early this Saturday morning shitting in my swim trunks and swimming around with my pants pretty full. I wear a nylon like tight brief that hugs my body pretty tight so the poop goes all around my ass, balls, and dick. I played around with my load for several hours swimming, sitting, sliding, walking and excersizing, then finally masturbated to enjoy it all. Then, I got all cleaned up in the lake – both me and my swim trunks. I then proceeded to drive to my apartment but first I had to get some gas. I noticed on the way to the lake, I was low on gas but I was too excited to shit in my trunks and besides I had to go pretty bad.. My priority was to get to the lake and poop in my trunks as quick as possible.
I made it to the gas station and just as I started pumping the fuel, I got a tremendous urge to pee. So strong I couldn’t hold it and it started dripping. I looked around the 4 bay gas pumps and there was no one across from me but there was a middle aged woman ahead of me. on the opposite side of the pumps. The store’s view was not within my range so seeing that I was pretty much clear, I stood next to my vehicle and spread my legs as to not be noticed as I pumped my gas and pissed my trunks. By spreading my legs, I had piss coming out one small area in the center and none running down my legs. It didn’t make much dripping sound and didn’t draw any attention. The only visible sign was a puddle under me. I waited until the last drop dripped down out of my trunks then shut off the pump and got a towel (I always carry three or more of them in case I have a poop attack while driving) and placed it down on the front seat. I took one last look around and did not see anyone who suspected that I’d pissed my pants so I got away with it this time. I don’t know why, but it seems like every time I go to pump gas, I have the urge to piss! I usually piss my pants while I am shitting in them but hardly ever just piss my pants alone. I’m into pants poopin’ and not into pants peeing alone! This method of peeing and not drawing any attention works good and I think if you had on trousers or shorts and underwear by spreading your legs as far apart as you can, the only wet spot would be in the middle of your underwear and trousers. But then there are those that enjoy the warm pee running down their legs and look forward to it. Just like when I shit my pants, I enjoy the bulge I create in the back part of my ass. Feels soooooo good!

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  1. Have pissed in trousers many times but have never achieved what you describe. Some may run out of the crotch directly onto the ground but most of it pours down my left leg.

  2. I have tight brief swim trunks I wear (that may be the reason) and when I pissed at the station the only place it could come out was center. My dick is only 6 in. in length and when I pissed I made sure it was not off to one side but centered in my trunks. There was no pee that came down either leg. Everything came out the center. Of course the center of my trunks were wet about the size of a silver dollar! The only puddle was centered under me. Give it a try with tight briefs or underwear.

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