I had another dream!

So again I had a diaper dream about a female friend of mine. But this one, we’ll call K. This one is also much shorter (I think) than my last dream. Anyway, so I was walking in the halls at school, on my way to the music room. I see K walk by and say hello, and expect to keep walking, as usually is done. However, K said hello, then took my arm, and pulled me to a little semi-private corner that’s right by the music room. She then pushed me into the corner and kinda leaned on me. Back towards me. She then told me to put my hand down her shorts. Not in her underwear, she specified. Just her shorts. I was confused, and asked why? She just told me to do it, I’ll find out soon. So, I did. I found she was wearing a diaper. By her small size, and my usual views on such things, I can assume a huggies or pampers diaper. Maybe a pull-up, but it seemed more padded than that. Anyway, I started to ask out of shock if that was a diaper I was feeling. But she interrupts me saying “yup! Shhh”. So, I shushed and waited. My other arm was now embracing her in a hug-like manner. Suddenly the diaper started to get warm in my hand, and then a hissing noise was heard. She giggled as I started to rub the diaper as she peed. After she was done peeing, and after I rubbed her for a little bit, she turned around to face me. My hand was still in her shorts, but now on her butt. I put my other hand down there too, and she went for a kiss. I went with it, of course. Next thing I know, in the middle of a kiss she giggled slightly, and then I felt the diaper expand. She was pooping! Sadly however, I woke up suddenly. No alarms, no anything. But the dream ended and I couldn’t get another even similar to it after I finally got back to sleep.

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