I found my future wife here

Having recently moved, I can now freelee fill up my panties with very messy loads, without worrying about a roommate. Overtime I have met somebody here on this website and we have plans for marriage. She tells me all the time how nice it will be that like fill up her vagina with my feces. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Finding someone on any website who wants dirty Messi sucks all the time, is extremely rare. The craziest part about that is that I am in my early 60s, and she is in her early twenties. She calls me Daddy and that’s funny oh, so I call her daughter. Many times I have seen her make a mess in her panties on video, and many other things. Having just moved into a place of Our Own afforded me the opportunity to purchase some sexy panties. Everyday I have been here, not once have I used the toilet. Pooping in my panties once again is very very exciting. Although I am engaged with her, but have not actually put a ring on her finger as yet, due to our distance apart. I will be buying a home soon near her, but I will also soon be making a trip up to actually meet her. Our plan is to get a motel, and head out to breakfast. Sit beside one another and and fond of one another under the table. After a big breakfast and already needing to take a big poop, we will go back to the motel where she will lay down into the bathtub and allow me to piss all over her, before we actually have dirty sex. She was in lie on the end of the bed with her legs open for me, she wants me to plant my ass right on her open vagina and fill it up with my warm messy poop. We are authenticly the way in love and can hardly wait to meet one another. We won’t look for partners in crime either, as our relationship will be a one-on-one. Once we are finally together, we both plan to get married. We are also planning to prove our panties upon the moment that the preacher says that you are husband and wife you may kiss the bride. I will put my arms around her and kiss her oh, and we will both poop her panties that very moment. Yeah that sounds like a plan. Most or all of our sexual activity will be very messy. She loves piss so I will piss on her and in her mouth often. We will also be uploading many videos right here on this website, since it is the place where we groomed one another for many many months prior to actually talking everyday. It will be our tribute to the place we met. I am having my coffee now, so soon I will be filling up my panties and talking to her on the phone. There is nothing better than meeting someone and falling in love regardless of age. I do still enjoy talking to women who also get into this fetish. It doesn’t hurt to have friends, and she and I agreed that it is cool oh, so long as I don’t go behind your back. I would never do that she is my dear sweet daughter as far as she is concerned. And it’s funny because we are also both practical jokers. When we meet people I will introduce her as my daughter. But when I grab her ass and tell her come on let’s go, daddy wants to have sex with you, we are going to enjoy the Expressions on their face LOL. I can be contacted at doitinpanties@gmail.com or you could connect with me here on the website. I am looking for female friends in which to share in our wonderful and pleasurable panty pooping experience. Just conversation, I don’t want anyone to think that I am seeking a woman because I have a wonderful woman waiting for me. We have a wonderful relationship and I don’t want to compromise that in any way shape or form.

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