I finally broke him

Well if you’ve read my past few stories you’d know I’m dating a super conservative guy named “Eddie”. He tries to hide his obvious love of water sports. Well this didn’t sit too well with me. Though we’ve had some great pee times this past month he still hadn’t openly admitted he was enjoying himself and I wanted some REAL S&M fun with this.


Last night I invited him over to my apartment. Now despite only having a few times where he’s been truly desperate when he needs to go he needs to go. There’s a weird post that is in the middle of my living/ dinning room- I guess it’s supposed to be architecturally pleasing or whatever, anyway… Today that post would be used for more than structural support. As soon as he got there I asked him to stand against it saying I wanted to mark his height. He thought I was being silly but played along. When he leaned against it I went behind him and seductively rubbed his arms. Again he thought I was fooling around but there was a method to my madness. I eased his hands behind him and before he could realize it I slapped a pair of handcuffs- I’d barrowed from a friend 😉 -on him.

Eddie, “W-what are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Ha ha very funny now let me go.”

“Nope. We need to talk.”

“About what?”

“You liked it when I peed on you. Both times.”

“You only did that once.”

“Uh… you’re birthday?”

He blushed.

“Come on, admit it.”

“Brit, I really don’t want to talk about this.”

“Why not?”


“Because, why?”

He shrugged and didn’t say anything else.

“Fine, you don’t want to talk then you can just stay there until you do.”

And I left. I heard him calling after me as I walked down the hall but I was going to get what I wanted one way or another. I came back though… 3 hours later. Kind of cruel, I know. And I didn’t really leave leave incase there was an emergency. When I went back in he was squatting down and bouncing.

“Are you fucking serious!? Why the hell did you leave me?!”

Whoa, he was mad!

“I just went down stairs, chill out.”

He stood up and started pee dancing as best he could in his predicament.

“Brittany let me go now! This isn’t funny and it sure as hell ain’t cute.”

“I think it’s kind of hot.”

“UH! Are you kidding me!?”

“Just admit it, you like this.”

He just blushed again.

“I really don’t-“

I grabbed his crotch- Now I want to state again how much of a “good boy” he is. I’d never touched him there in our whole 7 months together, and considering we make out high schoolers behind the bleachers, that’s saying something. He nearly instantly got hard. I started massaging him and he leaned his head back and moaned.

“Brittany please! I’ve really NEED to pee.”

“Just let go baby. Don’t fight it.”

He kept squirming and breathing heavy. I felt my hand get really warm and wet.

“That’s it, let it out.”

He kept trying to hold on and finally I unzipped him and his quivering dripping cock popped out. I’d never seen it completely but me oh my it was beautiful! I’ve always loved how my dark skin looked against his paler skin and my dark brown hand look amazing stroking his alabaster cock.

“Brittany, please!?”

I just kept stroking.

“It’s gonna come out!”

“Let it.”

I started stroking faster and faster.

“Oh Brit! Brit! Wait! You’re gonna make me cum! Oh!”

His cock started spurting pee and he whimpered “Brittany I need a cup or a bucket or something- Oh! Gawd!”

His cock got really really hard and its head was purple. A very thick rope of cum came shooting out. Then another and another. 9 thick shots of his hot cum shot all over the front of my shirt. I lightly squeezed his shaft a few more times to get the last bit out.

“Mmmm… Brit I’m seriously about to spray piss all over you…”

“Don’t you want to?”

He licked his lips and nodded. I smiled and before I could even kneel down in

front of him it started gushing out everywhere. Now I’m not exactly experienced when it comes to aiming that thingie but I got the hang of it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t exactly enjoy it. Maybe if it’d been aimed at a lower more moist part of my body I’d like it but when I looked at Eddie’s face I could see he was in nirvana. Again it was one of those extremely long pees and when he was finished I was soaked and there was a huge puddle around me. He was hard again and I couldn’t just leave him hanging so I gave him -his first!- blow job. Such a great evening! 

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