I did something crazy today

As i have said in previous stories, im not particularly into messing myself, but i do am into pooping and scat and public restrooms. Today I had a big lunch that I knew would cause me trouble later.

I went to a restaurant in a mall and in this mall there is a bathroom near the parking lot with only one stall in it. I knew that already. So when i got the urge to empty my bowels I waited outside this same bathroom waiting for someone to go inside.

A guy in his, maybe 40s, with a red t shirt soon appeared and went inside. I was already feeling the need to poop badly. I waited for maybe 30 seconds and then went inside after him. The door to this only stall is very small, if you’re standing up one can see your entire head and shoulders, so if you’re walking by you can see some parts of the pooper.

As soon as I came in the guy in the red shirt shouted “It’s occupied”. Normally when someone shouts that from behind the stall door, the other guy simply leaves the bathroom and lets the pooper do his business in peace, but I had other plans.

I let my desperation show. “Im sorry but I really need to use the bathroom, I’m about to have an accident”, I told him. And i walked near the stall so he could see some of my face and I could see some of his. He immediately went super serious, “It’s occupied”.

“Yes I know but I really need to go! Could you please hurry up?” I was actually not acting, this time I really needed to poop badly. The guy didn’t even flinch: “Look man, I just got in. I don’t know how long I’m going to take”, he told me.

I kept quite and waited maybe for a minute. Then I resumed, “Please, don’t be a jerk. I’m just asking for you to hurry up. I’m about to explode in my pants”. I started hearing toilet paper being ripped. “I told you already I’m doing my best, but I too needed to go, ok?” He sounded kinda angry, but also kinda understanding.

The thing is, I couldn’t really hold it any longer. I had already unbuttoned my pants and was waiting for him to open the door. Since he was already wiping I assumed it wouldn’t take him much longer.

“Oh man, oh man, oh man, i can’t hold it any longer!” I shouted. And I really couldn’t. I saw a small garbage can under the sink. I grabbed it, pulled down my pants and squated. As soon as that happened, red t-shirt guy popped his head from behind the stall and opened the door, still buckling his belt.

He looked at me pooping desperately in the trashing can. He got a bit worried and moved closer to where I was. “Fuck, jeez! Im so sorry” I kept saying. He just went, “I told you I had just entered the bathroom, I couldn’t hurry much more”. He moved closer to the door. “Please don’t open that!” I begged. “I wasn’t going to. Here, take your things and move to the stall”. I just looked at him all blushed and still pooping.

He grabbed my bag. “I can take this for you and put it in the stall. You walk there with the trash can”. I did and went into the stall. “Did you messed yourself?” He asked. “I can give you some wet paper”. “I feel so humilliated”, I told him. He didn’t denied it. He kept going “At the other end of this mall there is a gym, I’m sure if you’d asked them, they would let you use the shower”.

He didn’t empathized as much with, somehow he still seemed angry I had rushed his lunch poop. “I dind’t actually soil myself”, i told him. “Everything went right into the bucket, but now it’s all dirty and smelly and I don’t know what to do with it”.

“Just grab the bag and throw it away, man”, he said and seconds later he was out. I was left alone and horny as hell.

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