I did it!

A few minutes ago I did it! I pooped in my pants for the very first time. And I don’t regret, the feeling was amazing.

I was bored and horny in the hotel room with my brother. After a while he went asleep. I was laying in the bed and browsing internet, reading, browsing facebook etc. Few hours before that I felt I would have to go to the toilet, but I was procrastinating it till my brother go to sleep. When I was sure he was asleep, I started to push my stomach and farted few times… Then it started! The poop was sliding out of my asshole, stretching my pants and making a big warm bulge around my ass… Instantly my dick got hard! Amazing feeling! A warm shit in my pants is touching my ass and few inches around. Before the smell spreads, I got up and made few steps to the toilet with the shit in my pants. The best feeling ever. Firm shit changes its form when I’m moving… At the toilet, I took off my pants, and big turd was there. Then I touched my asshole with my fingers… So messy! Sticky! Hot! I masturbated just for few seconds before I cummed. My heart was beating so hard and so fast I thought I experienced a mini heart attack… I’m sure I will repeat this again soon. I was concerned about the cleaning later, but it wasn’t hard at all (at least this time). Thanks to the girl with the same interests I found on this site, she revealed me the beauty of shitting in the pants… You can see my photos in the gallery, I captured it all…

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  1. Congratulations! It feels wonderful to drop a nice firm load in your pants, doesn’t it? Nothing like that feeling, except adding some piss to the mess.

  2. Well done.Now that you have discovered how great it feels I hope you will poop in your pants every chance you get.If it happens to be a soft poop then you will have to say it came out by accident ans you got a bad cramp so you could not hold it.Masturbating in pooped pants if the best orgasm you will ever have.Happy pooping.

  3. Yeah, I will do my best to poop in my pants whenever it’s possible 🙂 At least in diapers…

  4. Congratulations dude!

    The first time is the hottest I think. That rush, the hard cock, and the sneaky non-conforming action by someone who should know better it all adds to the excitement. Now that you’ve done it once, you’ll do it more and more. You’ll find sadly that the first-time feelings aren’t there, but it’s still hot and will get you hard as rock every time.

    On a personal note, I tried diapers once. I wasn’t impressed. Underwear I think is better, but to each his/her own, and you’ll find you might like both or just the underwear like I do.

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