I bought new colored briefs to shit in yesterday and I fulfilled the dream . I got into a squatted position about an hour ago and began to grunt and with a mirror near me I saw my pants tent out with mega shit. I’m pleased because I did more than one long one. It was long and what would be considered a toilet clogger if I had released it into the toilet. When I feel that they will be a clogger it always hits my pants first. I love that feeling of my pants tenting out with a hang down long one. It gets bigger and longer and eventually snaps off or buckles up in my underpants to rest against my butt cheeks for a wait on another one. reaching back to feel what I just did and feel the bulge and softness of the shit. Being soft but firm makes me super happy and that was what I did. I walked around the house and back yard …with the neighbor boy probably watching me because he too shits in his pants, feeling the poop resting and bumping up against my butt cheeks making me hard. Then the ultimate fun feeling. I feel another one about to emerge near the crack for a second drop. To my self I say ” should I do this one out here or go back inside”? Then I happen to look up to the next door house to see that hot cute boy who also shits his pants watching me from a second floor window. Watching everything I have just done. Eeew yeah, I will let this next one come out for him to see. So I get into a squatted position and begin to grunt. I feel it emerge from the crack and I then stand up to have my rear end face his window and finish the deed while I know he is watching the whole thing. He is a diarrhea load changer boy just cute and hot. I have a fetish towards him. I want him to tease me and then change my pants like he’s my big brother. At his house he is the older brother. His little brother teases him about his pants pooping because he has done it in front of his friends. I overheard that one day and it made me real happy to know I could have a friend behind our house …I pants pooping friend. Someone said ” Hey where is your older brother?” and the younger brothers reply was “HE’S UPSTAIRS SHITTING IN HIS PANTS.” The guy had been holding back his poop all day at school to come home and load his pants with mega shit. That’s why I know he likes looking at me because I do mega loads in my pants. His little brother is a load changer too. I get hard thinking about him changing me also. Then with all the shit in my pants I sit in it and then masturbate.

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