Before dinner I felt an urge to go number two. It felt like a big shit coming on and that made me become deviant and plan for the load to go in my pants. We had spaghetti for supper and the pasta always makes me eat more than my share. That created major forces against my lower stomach where I felt my shit building up. I was told to do my homework but I said no to that and decided to load my pants to show my family what I did! I went in my hiding place and squatted down in just underpants…brand new ones too. In the back of the long closet I was hiding and filling my pants with this mega load of shit. It felt so good letting the load out into my pants. I come out of the closet to only be found out immediately by my younger brother. I was glad he caught me because he is my diarrhea load changer brother. He said “Oh yeah, I’m tellin on you like right now” he blurted out loud “MOM! —————— shit in his pants again” When you like shit to be in your pants and being found out for me is part of the fun. My mom saw the undies all ruined with brown shit stains she knew wouldn’t come out she went off on me. I got told on and yelled at and told to go shower and clean up. My brother was snickering and laughing at me calling me a baby because I did poopy in my pants. I wasn’t about to change my pants because I just did it. I wanted to carry the load around for a while and eventually sit down in it and do a smash, squish and the masturbate like always. I went to my bathroom like I was going to change but instead kept my messy pants on trying to do another one in my pants. I felt something coming on again and having a long one already in there what would this bring. I got down into a squatted position and began to grunt. It started to come out and it was another long one. YAY! I have this massive amount of shit in my pants and can’t wait to show my mom and little brother what I did. My diarrhea load changer brother could change my pants. I’m a freak about being changed. I usually masturbate in my bathroom or bedroom but wanted to go somewhere different this time. Like sometimes I like to hump the floor. The carpeting in the front room is soft and thick and no one really goes in there…maybe I could do it there. I got on the carpet in that room and began to hump and rub my penis through my undies that had mega poopy all in them. It didn’t take long and I climaxed and squirted white sticky goo all over myself. It always feels so great to masturbate with poopy pants especially when my balls get covered in shit.

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