I can’t think of a title :(

I was laying in bed at 4 AM in just a blur tank top and white and blue stripped panties. I just ate dinner and was watching a livestream that would last for a long time. I needed to poop but I wasn’t going to miss anything, so I stayed in bed. A couple minutes later, the need got stronger. My headphones were broken and my ear buds were with my best friend. So I held it in. 2 hours in and I felt the urge get really strong! What did I do? Ignored it. Duh. But that was a mistake. A couple minuets later, I felt the urge get stronger. So strong it forced me to get on my hands and knees and push. I was wearing stretchy panties so it would all be kept in. After about 5 minutes of pooping, I got out of bed carfully and walked to my mirror. I saw my panties were the size of 12 baseballs! I was about to take my panties off, but then I kept them on, and sat down on my chair and squished my poop around. I squished it so much that it spread to the front. After a while I ate some chilie about 10 bowls, and a few minutes later, I get that really strong urge to go. I looked in the mirror and pushed, there was a mountin in my panties. I walked to my bed and got ready for bed. The next morning I found I had pooped myself even more.

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